Homebrew App Store Submission Tool

This banner will be displayed at the top of your app's details page. When in doubt, screenshots work well.
ForTheUsers Homebrew App Store Submission Tool

Use the form to the left to submit your app for release on the Homebrew App Store.

Once submitted, your submission will be vetted by a staff member or trusted community maintainer. If approved, your app will be published to both the App Store on console and the web client.

If your app is already on the store, and you've provided a Github URL, you do not need to resubmit this form. New Github releases are tracked and automatically checked for updates, pending manual approval.

Got questions? Ask over in the #appstore channel on our Discord server, or watch #hbas-updates to see if your app is published:

  4TU Discord  

This form includes an image cropper. When uploading banner and icon images (most common formats accepted), use the guidelines to position the key parts of your image so they will be visible on console.

Please be patient! All submissions are verified by hand; it may take time for us to see your submission.

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Source code for this submitter is available here.